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Design, Manufacturing ,Importing, & Exporting of Precision Parts and Jigs for Semiconductors Production.
Feature In order to response increasingly fierce competition of engineering and marketing, we are always pleased to serve you and your customer with a particular emphasis on the following points:

  1. Based on diversified experience Orute Inc. provides improvement proposal and technical advise to our customers.
  2. Orute Inc. accepts any orders regardless of quantity
  3. Orute Inc. provides cost efficient designs putting themselves in the place of the customers.
  4. Orute Inc. provides on time repetitive delivery.
  5. Orute Inc. puts strong emphasis on Quality Control.


Rm.312. Stork Bldg. Sanjo Karasuma,
22 Kamanza-cho,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8241

TEL: +81-75-746-6791, FAX: +81-75-746-6792

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