The Dental Industry requires high quality standards. This is one of the industries where esthetics plays a significant role. Dental Implantology combines implants, abutments, crowns and additional items. In most cases Titanium is used for both the implant and the abutment. While the implant has far less visibility, the Titanium abutment, together with the mild transparency of the crown, might cause a gray visible area. Esthetics is even more crucial when dealing with people who suffer from Periodontal Disease. This is where Ceramic Implants and Abutments come into use. Zirconia (ZrO2)  has been approved as the most suitable Ceramic for these items providing technical and biocompatibility requirements.

PicoParts' Unique Offerings for the Dental Industry

Pico Parts’ focus, experience and expertise in the design and manufacturing of small Zirconia (ZrO2) precision parts were the triggers for founding our Dental Division in 2008. Since then the Dental Division has become more and more experienced, establishing its reputation and extending its customer base. PicoParts manufactures Zirconia Abutments according to customer requirements and according to the finest demands and tolerances. Our method of cold pressing, selection of the highest quality Zirconia powders and our continuous quality testing allows us to manufacture the industry's  finest Abutments. Our experience with Dental Market needs and our vast experience with precision ceramic parts manufacturing are the reasons for offering additional dental ceramic items and our constant innovation in this field.

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