Flow Metering Industry Requirements:

Flow Meters are required to accurately measure the flow of liquids and gases. Various types of flow meters exists today and are used with different substances, volumes, accuracy, piping conditions and so forth. These include meters based on the Coriolis Effect, Turbine Flow Meter, Paddle Wheel Meter, Rotary Piston Meter, Multi Jet Meter, Turbine Flow Meter, Woltman Flow Meter, Oval Gear Meter, Ultrasonic Doppler Meters and much more.
Mechanical based flow meters are required to provide durability and accuracy over time. This is where materials such as Tungsten Carbide and Technical Ceramics play a significant role. The use of these materials guarantees the required wear resistance to abrasive materials, providing longer operating time and accurate measurements. In addition, the use of Tungsten Carbide with Nickel Binder or Ceramics guarantees corrosion resistance which is another key factor when dealing with such substances.

Pico Parts Unique Offerings for the Flow Metering Industry:

Vast Experience

PicoParts has been serving the Flow Metering industry since its inception in 1999. PicoParts has vast experience in the production of Tungsten Carbide and Ceramics shafts, rotors, bushings, plates and other parts used in mechanical flow meters. PicoParts serves flow meter manufactures who are the market leaders in the professional, industrial and domestic fields. Our wide selection of materials, production technologies, accuracy and vast experience are translated into satisfied customers.

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