PCB Industry Requirements:

The PCB industry requires the use of highly precise collets to hold miniature drills turning at ultra high speeds. Thus these PCB collets need to have long drilling life, high wear resistance, repeatability and very low runout.

PicoParts Unique Offering for the PCB Market

PicoParts has vast experience in manufacturing precision components and collets, for various industries such as Aerospace, Medical, Measuring equipment, Micro-electronics and more. Quality, service, and on-time delivery provides PicoParts the ability to provide their customers a technological edge in today’s competitive market place.

Collets are 100% manufactured in accordance to OEM specifications using the highest quality materials, precision manufacturing methods and the latest equipment. PicoParts is able to manufacture collets with less than .0002” run out, ensuring a more accurate hole and longer drill lifetime. In addition, our dynamic calibration procedure provides our customers with the highest quality collets.

Proven Experience