PicoParts Solutions for the Sewer/Hydro Excavation Market

PicoParts offers tungsten carbide nozzles that have high wear resistance and can withstand strong impacts from materials being removed during sewage cleaning & excavation. In addition to this, using tungsten carbide nozzle can facilitate the use of higher water pressures (>500 Bar) whilst also using rotating (turbo) nozzles.

PicoParts’ extensive experience within the pressure washer industry paved the way for a very easy transition into the Sewer Cleaning & Hydro Excavation market providing solutions to companies in need of wear resistant parts, such as tungsten carbide nozzles.

Proven Experience

  • Sewer Cleaning NozzlesSewer Cleaning Nozzles

    The sewer nozzles are used in wide range of cleaning applications. We produce nozzles for sewer & drain cleaning as well as nozzles for hydro cleaning. We offer various sizes and various combinations of inserts (ceramic/carbide) - to meet your specific needs & application. Our nozzles are corrosion resistance. We offer rotating sewer nozzles.